Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding Their Stride

     The Phillies seem to have hit their stride at just the right time.  They have been playing extremely well against some excellent teams in clutch situations.  Entering their series against Atlanta, the Phillies could have seen their lead dwindle to a mere game and a half had they fallen into a slump or simply choked.  Instead they continued to build their comfortable lead into what appears to be an insurmountable lead.  Not only that, they also have placed themselves into position to have home field advantage for as long as they win in the playoffs. 

     Combining timely hitting with great pitching, the Phillies dashed whatever hopes the Braves may have had of catching them in the East, and the Brewers have only a "hope and a prayer" of coming out with the best record and home field advantage.  With a pitching tandem of Halladay and Lee along with Hamels, Worley and Oswalt following them, it would seem as though thre is little chance for either the Brewers or the Braves to catch them.  Additionally, the Phillies seem to be hitting their stride with the stick.  Ryan Howard has caught fire and Hunter Pence has provided significant punch.  With Rollins and Utley due to rejoin the team soon as starters once more, the Phillies look good for the duration of an interesting season that has seen them dominate.  I am anticipating the playoffs!

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