Monday, August 22, 2011

Work To Be Done

Work to be Done!

There is no way I am ready to “throw this team under the bus,” but the game against the Steelers shows that the Eagles have a long way to go before talking about a Super Bowl.  I am not saying they cannot get there, but they have much work to do first.  With an extremely young group of linebackers, and one that is somewhat light in the middle, the Eagles must develop that group quickly.  There is a lot of talent there along with speed and quickness, but the lack of experience showed.  The defensive line, while showing a good push up field, must also be cognizant of the screens that teams will use to beat that rush.  The offensive line on the right side remains a bit of a question mark, and it may take a while for the receivers to regain the timing that is essential to this offense.
That being said, there is plenty to like on this team.  While it may take a while for some of the new players to fit into the scheme,  they will definitely be an upgrade.  The defensive backs are exciting to watch and will be great as they learn the scheme and gain trust in one another.  The defensive line looks hungry and will provide opposing offenses with headaches if they can control the screen.  Lesean MCCoy, Ronnie Brown and Dionne Lewis all looked very good.  Certainly, Michael Vick is not likely to have many games like the last one.  This is a team that as it grows could become dominant.

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