Monday, August 1, 2011

Revamped Eagles Team Demonstrates Desire of Front Office

Wow!  Who would have expected at the end of last season the drastic changes the Eagles would make on this team!  Two new standout coaches along with several other new coaches with some being moved to other positions look to make the Eagles a much stronger team.  Then came a couple of predictable moves: the Philip Hunt, Sinorice Moss signings and finally the Kevin Kolb trade.  However, in trading Kevin Kolb, I believe the Eagles got a great deal.  Not that I don't think Kolb will help the Cardinals.  I really believe he will help make the Cardinals into a very real threat for a long time; however, looking at the value for value trade, Philadelphia received a former number one draft choice and Pro Bowl player plus a second round draft choice in 2012 for a second round draft choice who would only sit as a backup on the Eagles and whom the Eagles only had rights for one year.  I believe this deal made sense for both teams although I did not expect both Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round choice.  Then came two totally unexpected signings: Nnamdi Asomugha and Cullen Jenkins sandwiched around Jason Babin.  Asomugha came as a total surprise as I did not expect the Eagles to even enter the chase after the acquisition of Rodgers-Cromartie; however, this gives the Eagles greater flexibility in game planning as well as giving them possibly the two best corners in the league.  Cullen Jenkins could be a major acquisition, adding interior pressure on quarterbacks and stabilizing the interior line as well as giving some of the lighter defensive ends an occasional rest.  Babin back with Washburn could be extremely important as the perfect counterpart to Trent Cole.  Do the Eagles have weak spots?  Yes their linebacking crew is extremely young and largely untried as are their safeties.  However, the talent is there, and there is still cap room to bring someone in if it is deemed necessary.  There are two other areas of concern:  getting Desean Jackson and Danny Watkins in camp under contract and having two rookie kickers on the team.  The Eagles Front Office has shown though that they truly want to produce a Super Bowl winner.

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