Friday, August 5, 2011

New Moves in the Offing?

Will the Eagles make any new moves in the near future.  After seeing what they have already done this summer, one might think they would be finished, but as I look at recent events unfolding, I believe there is a strong possibility of a major move in the offing.  With the likelihood of Mike Patterson being lost for the season and the loss of both Ricky Sapp and Victor Abiamiri, it seems more than likely that the Eagles will try to shore up the middle of the defensive line with more than a couple of untested rookies.  Having a group of very young and largely untested linebackers makes the hole in the middle defensively so much more vital to fill.  In addition to that, the safeties though talented are also very young.

While I think it is extremely unlikely that the Eagles attempt to shore up this position,  the position at wide receiver  a former position of strength, suddenly looks a bit uncertain.  While the depth is there,  the two standout wide receivers, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, have suddenly turned into question marks.  Maclin by all reports is coming off an illness that caused him to lose twenty pounds and Jackson has yet to report to camp.  The loss of either or both of these young men would be debilitating to an Eagle's offense that threatens to be extremely potent otherwise.  If the Eagles were not to have the high octane offense previously anticipated, opposing teams will be able to spend more time trying to ram the ball down the throat of their defense which could suddenly become a huge liability unless a deal is made for a strong interior lineman.

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