Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Matter of Principle

How much does DeSean Jackson mean to the Philadelphia offense?  Certainly he makes the offense more dangerous by stretching the field and bringing a double team much of the time allowing other receivers to receive single coverage.  Not to mention the threat he is to go the distance any time he touches the ball. I think that any of the people in the Eagles Front Office would say that he is an invaluable piece to their plans, so why is there no contract?  I believe it comes down to a matter of principle.  DeSean Jackson is still under contract for the coming year, so the team has every right to expect him to be in camp just like every other player on the roster.  I truly believe that the team will negotiate a new contract, compensating him well after he arrives at camp because they do value DeSean's contributions; and I don't believe they want to see him hit the market as a free agent.  However, the team does not want to set a precedent by allowing one individual to hold them hostage to his demands much like another wide receiver tried to do some years ago.  Hopefully wisdom on both sides will prevail and DeSean Jackson will soon rejoin the fold and be rewarded commensurate with what he brings to the table.

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