Monday, August 15, 2011

Are They for Real?

The Eagles had a great defensive game Thursday evening while being without some of their prime offensive weapons.  Six sacks against a team like the Ravens would indicate that this defense will be a serious upgrade over last year’s defense.  The red zone defense also showed great improvement; however, the question still remains “Are they for real?”  Can this team post these numbers on a consistent basis?  Will the linebackers hold up and do their job?  Will the Eagles defense be able to stop a running game that just grinds its opponents down?  These are all questions that must be answered before one can term the Eagles as a favorite in the NFC.
Other elements that leave unanswered questions relate to types of plays called and amount of time the first team players are on the field.  At this time no team is going to be exhibiting the more sophisticated offensive plays, or defensive plays for that matter, that will be unveiled when the season begins.   Not only that, first string players are playing only for a short time during these early games.  So the question remains, “Are they for real?”  Hopefully, they will be.

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