Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Changing Philadelphia Sports Scene

I have been a Philadelphia sports fan for what seems like forever, closely following both the Phillies and the Eagles even as they languished in last place as doormats of their respective leagues.  Names such as Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn and Jim Bunning are etched in my memory as well as a few less known names such as Art Mahaffey, Chris Short, Dick Farrell, Solly Hemus,Willie Jones, Alex Gonzales, Johnny Callison, Don Demeter, Greg Luzinski, etc.  Eagles players such as Wilbur Montgomery, Sonny Jurgenson, Ricky Waters, Reggie White, Harold Carmichael and Pete Retzlaff are a few Eagles from different eras that also come to mind.  However, as I look at today's Philadelphia sports scene, there is one major difference that jumps out at me. Today Philadelphia has owners of the current franchises that are truly committed to winning and are willing to pay for it.Witness the way the Phillies and the Eagles have anted up to bring in high quality talent.  I believe the Flyers and the 76'ers are also committed to that same philosophy although I believe the front offices of the Eagles and the Phillies are a bit more astute with their moves.  Certainly, following Philadelphia sports has become more interesting in recent years.  For those harshly critical of the FO's of these teams, take a long look back into their history and enjoy the present.

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