Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Bad Knock?


Have Philadelphia fans received a bum rap?  I believe they have personally.  For so many years Philadelphia fans have been subjected to spending money to watch an inferior product on the field.  I think frustration simply boiled over into unacceptable conduct on some occasions which I would neither minimize nor condone.  However, many smaller instances than the snowball event at the Vet occur in different cities across the United States that get very little notice as far as the fan base is concerned.  I personally saw two young men at a pro game in another city go after an older Philadelphia fan with the intent of knocking him around.  Fortunately some other fans intervened; however, this elderly gentleman was subjected to considerable harassment even after that.  As I was leaving the stadium, a younger man much larger than myself shoved me from behind.  Seeing how many really good athletes want to come to Philadelphia these days seems to be a positive statement about the fan base.  I am sure that players would rather have a passionate fan base than a passive one.  Yet a couple of isolated instances by a a few immature fans who were probably drunk have cast a cloud over all Philadelphia fans.

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